Apple News Torrent Relay Beta Version for the iPhone (iTR)

Apple News

Torrent Relay has released a private beta of iTR. iTR will allow you to download torrents on your iPhone. You can also play the media (if its supported) on the iPhone.

Another great feature of iTR, is that you can add the torrent URL from your PC or Mac and it will automatically continue on your iPhone.

Currently iClarified has a copy of the beta. We have been playing around with it, and are amazed at how great it works. Stay tuned for the official version.

We're pleased to announce the very first web based torrent client for the torrent client for the iPhone and iPod touch. Letting you easily and conveniently download torrents online, saving them or playing them later on your device of choice.

Becuase this is a beta, being just finalized tonight you may notice cetain bugs and weird things happening. Rest assured, nothing you see can harm any portion of your iPhone or iPod Touch.


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