Windows Install-ipb

This is a guide that will allow windows users to run perl scripts. In this case the script we want to run is called Install .ipb. This script will allow for a very fast theme switch out. It will take less that 30 seconds to swap out a theme and all you have to do are a few clicks.

First things first.

You need to get Perl up and running on a windows box. Perl stands for "Practical Extraction and Reporting Language". You really dont need to know that but its big and makes me sound smart so... Remember it. The most common way i know of to get Perl running is a program from ActiveState called ActivePerl. You can get it two ways.

1)Goto register with them and get some trial thingie. Which im sure you want to do that.


2)Goto and skip the registration... This may be a older version. It works though.

Hmm... Hard choice.... Anyway if number 2 Microsoft Installer Package doesnt work and its to old of a version then you have to do number one and get one that will. :(

After that download it to your Desktop or wherever and you guessed it... Run it!


Blah Blah... Accept Agreement... Install it wherever... I installed the whole thing with all the features to C:\Perl\....


Dont worry about enabling the PPM3 thingie. You can uncheck the Path one but be sure to check the second one about Perl File Extensions.


........Let it install......If anything from Vista pops up (if you're running it) just accept it....

Done!... With Perl that is.

Now go get the Install .ipb...

UnZip it...

Extract to your phonedmg folder or wherever iphoneinterface is....


Now grab a file to test with. In the format of ipb. Heres one of digitalkid56's themes already setup you can test with.

Extract that also to the phonedmg folder or wherever iphoneinterface is but leave it in the folder name Global.ipb ...

Now for the install

Pull up command prompt otherwise know as terminal. Start>All Programs>Accessories>CMD.exe or Command Prompt

Cd to your phonedmg folder in my case its Iphone Folder. Make sure your iphone is pluged in. Run the command " Global.ipb" and wait... Within Seconds it should be done!


Reboot your phone and take a look. To get back to your normal looking theme make a ipb file of it with... and just replace the Global.ipb in " Global.ipb" with whatever your file name is.. Don't forget to unzip it though!

Have Fun!


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