Create iPhone Photo Movies using Windows

Things you will need

  • Your digital photos;
  • Music (Optional, but better to prepare);
  • iPhone movie maker;
  • iTunes version 7.30 or later.
  • iPhone, of course;

Step 1, Get software ready!

Download and install Photo Story Platinum

Download and install iTunes

Step 2, Start Photo Story Platinum.
Run Photo Story Platinum and create your own album, then import your digital photos and background music.

Step 3, Apply animated themed templates
Double click to apply any templates, or click "Auto-set" to fix the album. Real-time preview is available when a template is selected.
More templates and resources are available to download from


Step 4, Choose intro and end movie
There are different excellent animations to choose from, just preview and pick your favorite. Input the album information, such as title, director, cast, etc. and set the text effects like movie style.

Step 5, Add your decoration
Don't forget to add your funny text caption with different text effects and stunning scene effects and clipart with flexible timeline.


Step 6, Publish

Swap to "Publish" tab and click "Create video". For a iPhone video, you need to choose "iPhone video MPEG-4 (*.mp4)" from the drop-down menu and start to convert.


Step 7, Sync video to iPhone.

  • Start iTunes and create a play list;
  • Drag the generated video to the list;
  • Connect iPhone to computer and click iTunes “File -> Sync iPhone”


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