Create Free iTunes Account without Credit Card

Many people who have the iPhone/iPod Touch are still not able to install the FREE Applications because they don’t have an iTunes account as iTunes Compulsorily needs a Credit Card to create one !

I’ll explain in short how to get yourself a FREE iTunes Account without Credit Card !

Follow the Steps below :

1. Open iTunes

2. Click on iTunes Store from the Left Side Pane.

3. At the very bottom of the page, select My Store as “United States”.

4. When the page opens at the Right hand side Under Quick Links, select “Redeem“

5. Now Go to this site : h-t-t-p://tunecore.c-o-m/freealbum! You will get a Code from there.

6. Paste that Code in the Redeem Screen of iTunes.

7. You’ll be asked to Enter Your Apple/AOL IDs. Ignore that !

8. Click on Create New Account at the bottom left of that Window.

9. Enter your Details. Now at the Payment Screen you’ll see that Payment is Optional and None option is added.

10. Simply Select that None option and Click Continue !

11. Voila ! You’ve just created yourself a new iTunes Account totally FREE without any Credit Card !

NOTE : This Method works as of today i.e. August 11th, 2008 There’s no guarantee that this will work in future too so do keep checking as I'll keep updating this !


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